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These are your five stages of an online shopper:

  • Research and planning — Where shoppers browse categories, products, specifications, prices, and offers. While in this stage, people often leave your website to return at a later date and compare your products or prices with those at other sites.

  • Product discovery — Where shoppers narrow down their search to one or two items, check for hidden costs, look for social proof/reviews, and often check out your policies on shipping, payment options, or your FAQ.

  • Product ordering — Where people have made their decision to buy, check out the delivery and payment options, and add their product to the shopping cart just before paying (and thus waiting for their product to arrive)!

  • Shipping and delivery — Your customers are now in their holding pattern. They may check their order status on your site or even contact you to change their mind or ask additional questions.

  • Refunds and returns — After receiving their product, things may not be as expected. At this point, customers will check your refund and return policy in more detail, contact you, and even share their disappointment!

Now let’s take a closer look at your support pages and FAQ and check out the six web store policy basics you absolutely need to have in place.

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